How To Avoid Getting Sick During Flu Season?

It’s the flu season, and your mind is going into a panic. You remember the last time, with the horrible headaches, runny nose, itchy throat and the mountain of tissues—and you really don’t want that this time around! But you can’t exactly avoid going in for work, or sending your kids to school; so, it’s inevitable that you’d have to face the challenge some time or the other. In that case, what could be better than being prepared? Here are 3 expert tips on how to avoid getting sick; even in the middle of flu season…

Strengthen Your Immune System


The biggest reason for falling sick easily, or catching a cold fast, is having a weak immune system. To strengthen it, you need to first identify the things (that you do) that may be resulting in a weakened immune system. Lack of sleep, exercise and the proper nutrition are all very large and common reasons for it. So, if you’re not getting enough sleep, confined to one place or not very active, or used to grabbing “whatever” for your meals, then these habits need to change. Apart from that, it’s also vital that you make sure you keep yourself hydrated; both for strengthening the immune system and keeping the flu at bay alike.

Seek the Professionals for Their Help

“Prevention is often better than cure”. This proverb is an advice that many of us have heard throughout our lives (in many different languages too, at that!), but unfortunately never actually follow. If you know that you are prone to the sniffles as the flu season rolls around, and you feel like you are bound to get sick, no matter how much you try to strengthen your immune system or avoid those with colds; then it’s always better to set an appointment with your general physician and get your flu vaccinations in Adelaide. If not prevent you from catching a cold completely, it can at the very least lessen the chances.

Build Healthier Habits to Fight Germs

It’s always a good idea to build and work on a few good habits; especially if it means you’ll be healthier. Wash your hands regularly, and especially when you’ve used or touched public property. Sanitize your hands and other objects that you touch frequently; like your mobile phone. Learn to stop touching your eyes, nose or mouth as this stops the germs from spreading. Avoid close contact with people when possible; especially if they look sick. And above all, stop stressing about getting sick; as stress promotes sickness too…!