Selecting a medical agency to perform on-site flu vaccinations

For a business to be run successfully its key employees should be in their right state of mind and health. It is for this reason that many firms have invested in their employees by offering services that promote their productivity be it directly or indirectly. As it is with healthy weight loss and workplace stress relief program, the management of a flu in a firm is vital.

A flu can cripple a firm permanently because when one of the key employees catches the flu they tend to call in sick and also at times they spend most of their working hours visiting the doctor for treatments. Hence, as it is important to offer the workplace weight loss services for the employees.

It is essential for the firm management to offer to them the onsite flu vaccinations that will easily prevent the employees to catch the flu. This may be achieved by setting up a flu shot clinic in the firm to service the employees. With the requirement of a clinic come the burden of hiring a specialized medical agency that will immunize the employees. In order to make the right choice of the medical agency it is wise to consider the following points;

Insurance; the firm should consider the range of its insurance cover. This is because most of the time not all medical agencies are part of the insurance network and at times the firms, insurance cover may pay only partial to the out-of-network agencies or not at all. As such, the firm should consider using the insurer’s directory or searching on its website the agencies that are within the firm’s network. For more information about employee health services, go here.

Certification; the firm should consider the certification from the medical professional accreditation board. This ensures that the agency has the right qualifications as stipulated by the professional accreditation board and thus it builds the firm’s trust of their employees being incapable safe hands.

Services offered; the agency should be specialized in the administration of vaccines. This is because there may medical agencies specializing in one or two areas, as such there is a need of ensuring that the firm hires the right agency for the right job.

Price; in the case that the firm doesn’t have a health insurance cover for their employees, it should consider the price that the agency charges. The firm should ensure that it knows the approximate price that the agency would charge so that it can plan for the on-site flu shot clinic. For instance, it may use the press to plan on how to subsidize the clinic. This may be done by consulting some publications such as the health care blue book or by doing the search online for guides that list the fair prices for health care services.

Availability; the firm should also consider the availability of the agency. This is because with this information the firm will be able to know when the agency is usually available to offer the service. This is crucial in scheduling the actual immunization day so that it may not affect the firm’s daily business.