Role Of Psychology In Curing Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are very dangerous for a person’s well being. This is because panic attacks can happen at time of the day and its duration can last for a few minutes or an hour. In this short time period, the person will lose control of himself or herself. Nobody will be able to control him or her until the panic attack stops completely. It is commonly seen in adults. Panic attacks can be cured in a slow and steady way by the help of psychotherapy and a psychologist North Brisbane. Those who don’t get panic attacks think that panic attacks are not serious and cannot harm a person’s well being much. This is a wrong notion. Panic attacks as well aspanic disorders can make any individual disable at that time. A person suffering from panic attacks cannot control his or her actions, cannot differentiate between wrong and right and others. When someone goes through a panic attack after seeing something or someone, the person will have a tendency to avoid that thing or individual. Panic attacks can happen at any place and at any time. If the person felt panic after seeing a certain thing or person in the past, he or she again can feel the panic attack after seeing the person in future. It is quite natural and it does happen. However, if you are getting too much panic attacks in just a week or month or even a year, you should take the help of a professional to get rid of such a situation.

Symptoms of a panic person in panic attack –

It’s a fact that panic attack can happen without a stressor or any toxic individual. A panic attack can happen to any person without any prior notice; it can last for a few minutes and can reach its peak around 10 minutes. Moreover, the attack can remain for 30 minutes or an hour also. The heartbeat of a person will become rapid, breathing will become less, the person will sweat during a panic attack. You can rely on medication, psychotherapy, psychometric assessments and know what other sufferers of panic attacks have did to free themselves from their panic attacks.

Keep these things in mind –

It’s a fact that women tend to get more panic attacks than men. Before doing any kind of treatment, the person should do the physical examination of this or her body. There are certain health problems that can cause the same symptoms of panic attacks, like cardiac arrhythmia, epilepsy, high levels of thyroid syndrome. A psychotherapist will free you from panic attacks by applying therapies on you. One of the most used therapies by a psychotherapist is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT).