Why Brushing Your Teeth Is Something You Should Take Seriously?

If somebody ever asked you why you need to brush your teeth regularly at least two (or even three times a day) what you give them as an answer? Most people would just say that it helps protect the teeth from decaying and give us better oral health overall. An answer like this wouldn’t be incorrect, but it isn’t complete either. The reason is that regular brushing gives way more benefits than that, including:

Prevents Tartar and Plaque Build-up:

The main culprits for causing tooth decay are actually built-up plaque and tartar, the latter of which cannot be removed completely without the help of your family dentist Mentone. Plaque, and especially tartar, can wreak havoc if not kept in check: if tooth decay reaches an advanced stage, you will face many more problems than just an aching tooth.

Prevents Oral Infections

Speaking of other inconveniences caused by tooth cavities, you need to know that germs and bacteria will be able to penetrate the tissue underneath your teeth once cavities become deep enough. This means that you are likely to suffer from gum infection if anything malicious manages to make its way into your bloodstream through these tissues. Infections can lead to a loss of multiple teeth, acute pain and even bone damage if left untreated for long.

Prevents Bad Breath

This one is also quite important, particularly as we tend to hang around many people during our day to day life. If one were to have bad breath, others wouldn’t like to come near him or her, and that individual himself would feel uncomfortable about talking and even opening their mouth in public. Bad breath is generally caused by excessive bacteria build-up, something that regular brushing of the teeth can take care of.

Whitens Your Teeth

Over time, our teeth tend to lose their natural white colour and start becoming stained with yellow, brown or even blacking patches. This phenomenon is called teeth discolouration, and it depends a lot of what kind of food we eat. While it may not be entirely possible to get rid of stains without going to a dental clinic, brushing your teeth regularly can help reduce the rate of discolouration. In fact, most types of fluoridated toothpastes contain lightly abrasive chemicals which work wonders in removing several types of deposits on teeth which are responsible for the discolouration itself.

It Will Ultimately Save You Money

Let’s face it: having to undergo operations to cure oral infections, and even the removal of teeth themselves will cost you some money. You can drastically decrease the chance of having to undergo these procedures if you manage to take care of your oral health on a regular basis.