The Facts Behind The Rectal Bleeding – You Need To KnowColon Diseases

Have you ever experienced rectal bleeding? People who have experienced it for the first time will definitely be scared. It’s obviously not normal to see blood or serum coming out from the anus. Rectal bleeding can be serious, but in most of the situations, it is due to some other reasons. Bleeding in most of the cases is due to haemorrhoids, while other health issues can also be a reason behind this. Let’s find out the facts behind the rectal bleeding:

Due to external and internal haemorrhoids

The most common reason behind rectal bleeding is the haemorrhoids. The lump, which is growing just outside or inside your anus, creates unbearable pain and bleeding from that portion. The ulcer in such cases also created bleeding. The tone of blood in such cases is dark in colour. The internal haemorrhoids are less painful and the blood comes out while you wipe through the tissues or towel. Usually, the haemorrhoids take place at any age, but mostly people above 50s are more prone to this situation. You might need to go through Brisbane colonoscopy if required. 

Painful bowel movement

Painful bowel movement, itching and burning sensation inside the anus is another reason behind the rectal bleeding. This situation is also termed as anal fissure and the bleeding is bright red in colour. To identify the actual facts behind such bleeding, you might need to go through bowel cancer screening under proficient physician.

Diverticular disease

This can also lead to rectal bleeding and blood tone is bright red in colour. This type of disease does not indicate much symptoms and only lead to stomach pain or cramps, clots and bleeding during diarrhoea. Usually, people over 50s suffer from such disease.

Colon cancer

The colon cancer is the extreme case where rectal bleeding results in tumorous cells. There are possibility of two types of cancer in the colon; malignant and benign. The malignant tumours are cancerous and lead to massive blood loss. You should never ignore the situation and immediate medical attention should be taken for permanent recovery.

The polyps are related with benign tumours and they lead to massive pain as the tumour grows bigger and bigger.

Gastrointestinal issues behind rectal bleeding

Ulcer formation in the gastrointestinal track can also lead to rectal bleeding. The bleeding from ulcer is very much painful and creates burning sensation.

However, all types of rectal bleeding needs to be checked at the earliest and immediate medical intervention are required. The bleeding due to cancerous cells is very less in percentage, so don’t be scared and take it very seriously so that you can heal very quickly.