Things That Can Cause Pain In Ankles

Our feet are very important and they help us tremendously in getting our day to day activities completed. With high amount of pressure and strain your ankles might tend to give you a feeling of discomfort or pain. There are various reasons as to why this might occur. Sometimes, these types of aches go after a general rub of balm or other ointment but the other times things might be serious than you think. Therefore, it is important to know the potential causes than can cause pain in ankles.

Tension between muscles

This usually takes place when your legs are over worked. Legs have a high enduring power in general. But, that does not mean that we are allowed to exhaust them. This can be caused because of long walks and standing in the same position for long periods. Make sure to give some rest to your feet once in a while.

It might be arthritis

If there is a slight swelling in the area, it is wise that you get your ankle checked. It might be arthritis and there are so many types of it. So, you need to visit a podiatry clinic as to find out what actually is wrong and to get the correct treatment before things get worse. And, if you have these types of pains for a long time or if the pain is increasing day by day, you should definitely get it checked out. Arthritis is usually diagnosed in older people. But, rarely it can even be found in kids.

Weight can have impacts

Once you stand up, your whole-body weight is being supported by your legs. Your feet may touch a very limited area on the ground, especially if the sizes of your feet are small. Sometimes, if you weigh too much or if you suddenly gain weight your feet might have adverse effects through these changes. As a result, you might get ankle pains. If you think your weight is at an unhealthy level it is wise that you seek advice from a dietician. However, you should also consult a podiatrist Viewbank as to know what exactly is wrong with your ankle.

It might even be an injury

Your ankles might get injured with sudden movements. And, you might not notice this with your busy schedule and only start to do so when the pain arises. This is very common in people who engage in sports.

The above are a few main causes for injuries connected with the ankles. However, if you have any discomforts that last for more than two or more days it is better to seek advice from a medical officer.