Common Causes Of Hearing Loss

Pollution is increasing day by day. Among all other pollutions, sound pollution is another major problem that is devouring the hearing ability of people voraciously. Although World Health Organisation (WHO) took several steps to prevent sound pollution, but the problem has become a serious issue.

Once losing hearing ability was common for old aged people, but now it is devouring up adults as well as children. Apart from sound pollution, hearing loss can happen for multiple causes and sometimes patients have to go for an ear surgery Sydney. Here are given some common causes of hearing loss:

It’s an old age problem: when one reaches to his old age, losing the hearing ability is quite common. But, if one does not care about this problem, then it may get worse with time. In old age, hearing lose takes place quite slowly but steadily. If the problem is deeply rooted, then one may undergo several difficult operations. So, if you are feeling like anything of losing hearing ability, then immediately contact an otolaryngologist.

Pompous, gaudy and excessive sound: the primary reason of losing hearing ability is excessive loud sound. Scientifically, a human ear can bear up to 85 decibel sound. But, if you attain a music concert (i.e. a concert of some musical bands) or a night club, you have to hear extremely high, loud music with punchy instrumental sounds. The long you hear this type of loud music the more you will lose your hearing capability. After returning home from music concert you may feel, that your ears are little inert.

Harmful chemicals: hearing lose may take place because of inhaling some harmful chemicals, like ototoxic. These chemicals are too harmful that they can easily penetrate to your skin. After they enter in your skin, it can affect the hearing nerve and gradually you will lose the power to hear. It is quite difficult to get rid of those chemicals as they remain present in some daily household products, for example, pesticides, paints, varnishes, cigarette smoke, spray paint, and several types of cleaning materials.

If there occurs ear infections very often: children are affected by ear infections for several reasons. Most of the time infection causes because of cumulating ear wax. Ear wax does not cause a serious ear infection. But if the problem is taking place repeatedly, then there are chances of losing hearing ability.