Different types of stretchers for various purposes

Stretchers have multiple uses and purposes, so appropriate and matching products are being manufactured and sold in the market. People that demand medical attention will need particular types of stretchers to meet the circumstantial needs. 

Common uses of stretchers
Stretchers are most commonly used to remove patients out of the dangerous environment. 

It could be a war field or a playing field when a person needs stretchers to safely remove him from the location. 

Patients with muscle strain or small flesh wound will need the assistance of stretchers.

Stretchers also help persons with neck injuries or a blow to the head because these people need to be immobilized to avoid further complications. 

Choose a stretcher that immobilizes the patient 

The physical location should be considered when choosing a stretcher. If it is chosen to move patients through narrow passageways, confined spaces or through stairwells, then look for a specialist medical stretcher. There are excavation chairs and sleds that help with evacuating tall buildings. Scoop stretchers are chosen for removing injured people from damaged locations or collapsed buildings due to earthquake. 

Stretchers for remote rescue 

Special stretchers are needed for remote rescue, especially if the injured person needs to be recovered from a mountain peak or harsh wilderness. Rescue team usually chooses collapsible stretchers as they are easy to carry and can be instantly assembled on site. Basket stretchers are another choice used in difficult terrains, such as helicopter crews for pulling injured persons from cliff faces, water or from lonely beaches.

They are highly durable to sustain the rigorous hanging outside the aircraft as well as to allow holding and lifting patients. They are the most commonly used stretchers due to the versatility and security they offer while transporting injured persons. They are available with extra anchor points, thermal blankets, protective shields, backboards and floatation bags to ensure the safety of inured persons. 

Thus, there is a perfect stretcher solution for every casualty circumstance. You have to find that ideal stretcher to meet your patients’ needs. There are a plethora of manufacturers and suppliers offering a wide range of stretchers for different uses. Since there are many names, you will find it difficult to choosing the best and most appropriate option from the bunch. 

Finding the most reliable and affordable supplier is important to get high quality stretchers and other medical equipments. If you have a wholesale business of medical equipments, you will want to consider the available options in the market before finalizing the brand or product.
It is good if you compare different brands or manufacturers with product features and specifications. This will help you find the most suitable stretcher of high quality and unbeatable price.