Cosmetic Teeth

Instead of heading to the dentist to solve a health problem with your teeth, the trend is to go in for cosmetic dental work. What does this mean, it is the treatments that are done to your teeth to improve the look of them, so veneers, caps, whitening, replacing lost teeth and aligning crooked teeth.

The reason for this is that people are aware that the first thing another person is going to notice is your smile and what your teeth look like and they wish to make a good impression as soon as possible. It effects their self-confidence, how they smile and their general demeanour in public.

Straightening teeth can also be a necessity, if the teeth you have in your mouth are completely ill fitting and you keep biting gums and can’t talk properly because of the way they are growing in your mouth. Some individuals may consider other treatments essential as well but in this instance I am referring to situations that are going to effect the overall health of a person, not instances where a realtor thinks it is essential to have white teeth to get more sales. Where a man finds it helps him pick up more often at the clubs to have nice white shiny teeth, this may improve his sex life but that is not necessarily a health issue though some men may argue differently. 

Veneers are a resin that is applied to the surface of your tooth and what it does is repairs any cracks that you may have and gives the tooth a smooth white appearance, you can either get a composite veneer or a porcelain one. Most dentists in Sydney will recommend the porcelain, not only is it more expensive but is apparently tougher and resistant to staining, so you can smoke away and the teeth will keep their colour longer. This cosmetic treatment can all take place in the dentist chair on the day, as it is resin that they mix up in the surgery and then once it is applied it is dried with a heat light. There may be some shaping and polishing that needs to occur and the dentist that is treating you will advise you on how much work needs to be done to get the perfect smile.

So be prepared to come back for a couple of visits to have your whole smile done, once it is finished you should be very proud to smile away at any passer-by and to start with people may think you are a bit of a lunatic as you show off your new investments. With the amount of money you are going to be spending you had better be getting something back in return, it had better have a beneficial effect on your life otherwise you could have been better off spending all that cash on a holiday oversees somewhere and having the time of your life, instead of bright white teeth.