General Oral Health Care And Its Importance

It is said that one care centre or hospital many people don’t like to visit often is to get their oral health checked. However it is one of the most important. This is because general dentistry is more focused on prevention of disease. It is said that specialised diagnostics and advice are aimed at helping people overcome oral disease, improve hygiene and avoid the development of serious oral diseases. Therefore it is good to know the type of services you can expect. Some of the most commonly provided services under this category can be identified below:

  • Restorative: this is one of the most common reasons for people to visit for treatment. Most often it is to remove a decaying tooth or filling cavities for temporary reasons. These services can also include after hours Dentist Bondi Junction facilities to treat sudden dental trauma such as having a broken or a loosened tooth or one that has completely come out. These emergency facilities can also help in situations of accidents or sudden onset of unbearable pain due to underlying medical conditions or diseased teeth. The general physicians will be able to treat a lot of gum related issues such as periodontal disease as well.
  • Preventive care: this includes some of the most basic treatments offered; where the specialised healthcare provider will provide advice or help before disease progresses further in the mouth. Regular cleaning, x- rays and advice on oral hygiene are some of the services provided at this stage. A doctor can provide advice on how a person can keep their teeth clean as a practice so as to prevent any serious issues.
  • Cosmetic: there is a difference in general practice and cosmetic dentistry. In cosmetic procedures, the focus is mainly on improving the appearance of the teeth and the smile. While general treatments are mostly centred on preventive care, these measures are mostly elective, which means they are administered based on demand. Though most cosmetic services are provided by specialists there are some general facilities that offer procedures such as teeth whitening, implants and teeth straitening as well.
  • Overall health and hygiene: most would agree that you can tell your overall health by looking at your teeth. Therefore signs of decay or other issues in the teeth can be indications of serious health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes. Therefore visiting a general dentist will be able to identify such cases in their early stages and help you treat them or go for additional recommended treatments.
    Therefore it is an important health care regime that needs to be followed by all individuals. Visiting your dentist for general treatments can help you manage your oral health as well as identify any underlying medical conditions, therefore these visits should not be neglected. For more information, please log on to